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How to Assist Employers in Meeting their Recruitment needs?

Jenna Baskin 02/06/2022

Hiring is a significant part of organizational processes and a constant in businesses of all sizes. New employees are routinely brought on board to fulfill a growing business's needs because it's time to start a new company or because the older workforce retires or leaves for greener pastures.

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How to Start a Career as a Commercial Cleaner

Jenna Baskin 11/05/2022

A commercial cleaning firm provides affordable entry expenses and a straightforward set of skills to learn for people who want to be self-employed and self-sufficient. You don't need a company location to get started and can work part-time while still holding a full-time work position. That’s possible because most business owners prefer getting their premises cleaned after hours.

There are legal requirements for registration, taxation, and insurance like any other business. Before you start, it would help if you got acquainted with contracts, employment, fair commerce, debt, and credit management.

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What Are The Different Leadership Styles? And Where To Use Each?

Jenna Baskin 14/04/2022

Influential leaders can communicate rationally, manage practically, lead strategically and directionally, and connect easily.

Besides showing IQ, they also demonstrate EQ — share information and knowledge yet understand connection and emotion.

It’s one of the most crucial factors leading to the failure or development of any business. Don’t believe us, believe the stat:

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5 Organisational Skills you Need to Become a Successful Bookkeeper

Jenna Baskin 11/03/2022

Payroll, accounting, taxes, and financial reports; bookkeepers do it all. That’s why they are considered the backbone of a successful business.

A solid and organised bookkeeping arrangement lays the groundwork for businesses by keeping financial records up-to-date and easily accessible. It reduces unnecessary expenses and, at the same time, saves you from spending hours and hours scrutinising manual data entries, leading to better performance in the long run.

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8 Steps to Get an Entry-Level Job in HR

Jenna Baskin 10/02/2022

We live in unprecedented times where businesses are under extreme pressure from economic upheavals, evolving technologies, workforce challenges, and changing regulations, all significantly impacting operations.

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How to Choose the Perfect Management Training Program for You?

Jenna Baskin 13/01/2022

It isn't easy to choose a management training program that can fulfil the learning needs of manager trainees from different backgrounds. It also doesn't help that there are hundreds of management training programs to choose from.

So, it is no surprise that you might have issues deciding which one is perfect for you. That is why we are sharing the steps that experts use to select the right management training program.

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Ten Qualities You Must Develop to Make Stress Work for You

Jenna Baskin 13/12/2021

Stress can present itself in several kinds of situations, whether from minor daily hassles such as running late for work or significant stressors like financial issues. According to ABS NHS, 2.4 million Australians above 18 are dealing with the repercussions of stress. Furthermore, this ratio has increased by 12% since 2015, showing that things only seem to be getting worse.

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What is a Traineeship, and how does a Traineeship work in Australia?

Jenna Baskin 12/11/2021

Hiring managers are always on the lookout for young and talented individuals who have the drive to learn more about their chosen fields and get hands-on experience working there.

This means that students and fresh graduates can easily land jobs in their desired industries as long as they can demonstrate their dedication and skill set. However, these newcomers might need time to polish and hone their skills to work towards a lifelong career successfully.

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Top Expert Tips & Advice for School Leavers

Jenna Baskin 08/10/2021

The number of degree holders in Australia has increased considerably over the last few years.

But research shows that over 271,000 students didn't pursue education after secondary school in 2020, and that's okay too.

The fact of the matter is that no matter when or how you decide to leave school, it can be a stressful experience. You are about to step into the real world and make some big decisions about yourself and your life.

We are here to help make this phase easier for you. So read on for some expert advice on how to get the job you desire and move towards success.

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How to Boost Mental Energy Levels before your Exam?

Jenna Baskin 08/09/2021

Exam season is stressful for students as they try to figure out ways to keep their energy up and achieve their goals. Unfortunately, while they think all-nighters and coffee are all they need. But contrary to popular belief, these quickly drain mental and physical energy and cause dehydration.

Besides this, there are many other practices that students unknowingly indulge in while preparing for their exams that pull them down. If you are a student preparing for exams, you must know the proper ways to relax before a test and boost your mental energy to perform well. Running low on power before your exam can be a significant risk, and there are chances you might go blank when the exam day arrives.

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7 tips to stay motivated when working from home

Jenna Baskin 16/08/2021

Work from home has become an all too familiar term globally since the onset of the pandemic. While this wasn't a foreign concept before, a 2020 survey of 800 HR executives showed that 88% of the organizations had turned to remote working since the pandemic's onset.

Working from home is a dream for some, especially if they lived away from their family due to work. Working from home also allows us to work the way we want and make a flexible schedule according to our needs where possible.

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What is Future-Proofing and why is it important to all careers?

Jenna Baskin 12/07/2021

Consider the work landscape of today. You will find few similarities to yesteryears and many stark differences in the way that people find employment and build their careers.

Gone are the days of sticking with one employer all the way through to retirement. These days, we can't really predict what the future holds and how it can impact us. Indeed, every business and individual is susceptible to future events that can affect them negatively. For example, economic upheavals, pandemics and political situations can quickly dry up the job market, compelling businesses to downsize.

Besides, whether you are a doctor or an entrepreneur, your field is bound to advance and change the way it functions. So there is no constant, and the only way to ensure continued employment is to future-proof your skills.

It never hurts to be cautious, and every person requires a proper contingency plan to safeguard them from unexpected situations.

Read ahead to find out what future-proofing is, why it is vital for your career, and what steps you can take to maximize your career development for a brighter future.

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