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Behavioural Job Interviews - MCI Institute

Megan Hauptfleisch 17/10/2016

Behavioural Interview STAR Method are very common during the initial interview stages.

You can expect to come across this type of questioning in the first or second interview for a role.

The premise behind this technique is that past behaviour predicts future performance. Interviewers want to understand when you have demonstrated a competency through past behaviour. It is essential that you provide specific examples and don’t speak generally. When answering behavioural questions, using a structure is essential.

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MCI Institute: A Nationally Recognised High-Quality VET Provider

Megan Hauptfleisch 15/08/2016

At MCI we pride ourselves on being a high quality national vocational training institute. Our wide variety of awards (33  in 12 years) is testament to that.  See our awards here

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5 success tips for Female Professionals, as told by our Founder

Megan Hauptfleisch 15/08/2016

By Dr. Denise Meyerson

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MCI'S 25th Award In 9 Years - MCI Institute

Megan Hauptfleisch 12/08/2016

MCI Institute has been recognised as an ABA100 Winner for Business Innovation in The Australian Business Awards 2016.

"LEGO Serious Play, Gamestorming, immersive story-based learning and now in 2016, MCI has been recognised as an ABA 100 Winner for Business Innovation in The Australian Business Awards.

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Liner: Easiest Highlight & Annotation Tool for Online Content

Megan Hauptfleisch 02/08/2016

We’re reading more than ever before on screens. From news to learning resources, text delivery over the web is not only allows information to be shared quickly, but to be searched, dug out, and consumed so easily. Even this very piece is yet another example of online text.

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Learn Everything about Best & Interesting Podcasts to Listen - MCI Institute

Megan Hauptfleisch 02/08/2016

You probably have that friend that seems to have their headphones glued to their ears. The only time you see them take their headphones out is to give you a recommendation to a podcast you absolutely, most definitely, must listen to. I know because I’m that guy. I smile dopily on the bus to and from work to my comedy podcast of choice. I shed tears whilst cooking and pass it off like it’s just the onions and not the gripping story I’m listening to. I plug in on my lunch break to expand my knowledge. With the first season of the podcast Serial cracking a million downloads, interesting podcasts can no longer be ignored.

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Jungle Rules Of The Corporate Office - MCI Institute

Megan Hauptfleisch 27/07/2016

It can be a jungle out there. 'The Office' starring Ricky Gervais (UK) and Steve Carell (US) is a hit because its antics hit close to home for so many corporate professionals. Here are some serious tips for surviving the animal kingdom of your office

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Evernote for Students that gives a Cyborg Brain - MCI Institute

Megan Hauptfleisch 27/07/2016

People like wine, scotch, cheese. All get better with age. But my memory never does. Couple this with the ever-increasing amount of things I want to remember and an annoyance becomes a problem. But it’s not a problem anymore. Because now I use Evernote.

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Are Employers Interested in Your Marks When Hiring?

Megan Hauptfleisch 27/07/2016

Whether through late-night study sessions, or arguing with a marker over their criteria by which you got Question 28 Part A wrong, securing good marks is the main motivator for high school and undergraduate education.

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Your Beginners Guide, Pointers To Working Smarter

Megan Hauptfleisch 22/07/2016


By Kristoff Barnowicz

How to work smarter not harder? How to work smartly in office?

We've prepared some useful tips for you. Enjoy it! 

Use Shortcuts when using Word, viewing a PDF or even a website, one of the simplest shortcuts to use is control + F (command + F in Mac). This will enable the search window (see below) which can find the information you need quickly. By typing in key words or phrases, you will clearly see where to look in the document saving you time and stress.

In the example below, I am asked to list the different components of a detailed work breakdown structure. This assessment question appears on page 39, so I would probably have to go back and reread quite a few pages before I find the answer. By using control + F, the navigation bar appears on the left; I then can type in detailed work breakdown structure. As you can see, it will search the document for that phrase and list the results. In this case, the first result is exactly what we are looking for. In less than a minute I have found my answer!

↑ Looking at the question without the search window

↑ You can see the search window on the left (Navigation) has been enabled and by typing in a phrase from the question, a list of results has appeared. The first results brings up the highlighted phrase (in yellow), in this case it is the answer we are looking for.

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Our Student Stories: Felicity - MCI Institute

Megan Hauptfleisch 21/07/2016

Felicity became interested in HR around the time she was studying at university. She saw a diploma as the perfect practical-based qualification to getting a job. Currently studying a Diploma of Human Resources Management (BSB50615), Felicity is looking for a direct path to employment.

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A Career Coach: When & Why You Need One

Megan Hauptfleisch 19/07/2016

 A study from the University of Sydney’s workplace research centre says “The average working week in Australia among full time employees is 44 hours. And one in five Australians work more than 50 hours a week,”

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