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Factors to consider when choosing a future career – Besides aptitude

Ligia Chelotti 26/08/2019

When selecting your most appropriate pathway to create the right entry point to the career of your choice, consider more than just your aptitude for that direction in life. There are so many other factors to take in to consideration – here are just a few items to add to your ‘what career path do I choose for myself’ checklist:

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Write a Cover Letter That Wins Interviews

Ligia Chelotti 10/07/2019

When applying for a position, a cover letter should almost always be added in addition to sending out a resume. The cover letter serves a few purposes. First, it helps you focus the attention of hiring managers so they can see exactly how you fit into a certain position and work environment. Second, it might be the only way they are able to judge your communication skills. Your writing skills are on display, and the way you logically tie ideas together is also on show.

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In essence, a cover letter is the same as a sales letter and you are the product or service someone is buying to help fit the needs of a company.

In this article, you will learn how to compose a cover letter that will land you job interviews.

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Get The Job You Desire For With 3 Step Guide - MCI Institute

Jenna Meyerson 30/04/2019

STEP 1: Don’t apply to every job.

Instead of playing a numbers game and copy/pasting emails with generic cover letters, narrow your focus. Yes, this will take time, but honing in on the four or five positions you REALLY want will help you focus your resume and craft careful emails to hiring managers.

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A Career Coach: When & Why You Need One

Megan Hauptfleisch 19/07/2016

 A study from the University of Sydney’s workplace research centre says “The average working week in Australia among full time employees is 44 hours. And one in five Australians work more than 50 hours a week,”

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Best Things to Put on a Resume When You Have No Experience

Megan Hauptfleisch 19/07/2016

Having suitable experience to get your first job can be tricky. It’s your first job so what experience can you list on your resume?! And references? What are they? It turns out work experience isn’t the only thing employers are looking for, especially for entry-level jobs. After all those doing the hiring were once out there trying to get their first job too.

We will help you to create an entry level resume, in other words, a resume for the first job with no experience. Yes, is possible to create the perfect resume without experience.



1. If you can show you are responsible or considerate of others - your skills are in high demand!

Even better, using this strategy your experience and skills will be laid out in an easy to follow format for the person reading your resume and doing the hiring. Make sure you have your contact details on your resume on every page – in the header or footer is fine.

Also, it might be time to ditch the cute/not so cute email address. The time for a grown up email address is now:

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Job Interview Tips: How to Make a Great Impression - MCI Institute

Megan Hauptfleisch 05/07/2016

Congratulations, you've got a job interview! That is, you found the job, you wrote the cover letter, you addressed the criteria, you made sure your resume was best practice, in a word doc and in a generic layout and font, you have the right experience in a similar business and you managed to get lucky enough to get an interview invite.

We have developed successful interview tips to make you more prepared and confident in your next job interviews.

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