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Top 10 Study Tips Trending Today

Ligia Chelotti 28/01/2019

Tip 1: You are online but never alone

The courses with MCI Institute are online AND SUPPORTED! We are here for you 5 days a week and even when we are not here leave us a message and we will call/message/email/blog you back. Don't hold the line, call us on 1300 333 345, email us at, visit the eCampus forum to see what the other students say or even better, contact your mentor for your 1: 1 help.

Continue reading to find out more effective study tips.

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Behavioural Job Interviews - MCI Institute

Megan Hauptfleisch 17/10/2016

Behavioural Interview STAR Method are very common during the initial interview stages.

You can expect to come across this type of questioning in the first or second interview for a role.

The premise behind this technique is that past behaviour predicts future performance. Interviewers want to understand when you have demonstrated a competency through past behaviour. It is essential that you provide specific examples and don’t speak generally. When answering behavioural questions, using a structure is essential.

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What are your options if you are expecting a low ATAR in this year’s HSC?

Megan Hauptfleisch 12/10/2016

Tips for those who are concerned that their HSC results might mean missing out on getting a qualification

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Effective Study Techniques For Success - Secrets Of Learning

Megan Hauptfleisch 11/10/2016

The study timetable gets ditched way too often

The firs secret of learning is: Build your timetable in reverse. By this I mean, place the times and dates in to your schedule when you are NOT going to have time to study. Then, build your timetable around those 'exclusion zones'. In this way, you don't have to stop socialising or de-stressing via other activities. You can still watch your favourite shows and have time every day for other things you love doing.

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What Self-Talk Is Happening In Your Head? - MCI Institute

Megan Hauptfleisch 06/10/2016
Many of our students tell us that they often lose motivation

Their goals seem really far off and the loneliness of the long distance learner sometimes just becomes too much to bear.

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Great Leaders Ask For Help - MCI Institute

Megan Hauptfleisch 26/09/2016

Managers have a lot on their plate

From day-to-day tasks to urgent, pressing conflicts, the best managers calmly resolve issues and listen to client concerns without breaking a sweat. You may think it’s impossible to manage your house, your work, yourself and your children.

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Three Ways To Improve A Stranger’S Perception Of You - MCI Institute

Megan Hauptfleisch 23/09/2016

You are being judged

Before you state your credentials, hand over your CV or sit down in the conference room chair, your abilities are being assessed. Research has shown that within one tenth of a second, your likeability, competence, trustworthiness and aggressiveness are being evaluated.

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Coping With General Interviews-Interview Series Part 1 - MCI Institute

Megan Hauptfleisch 19/09/2016

Interviews can be an intense and artificial way of measuring whether you will be a good fit for a role... so it's important to learn how to put your best foot forward in the process and increase your chances of getting hired.

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Why We Should Go Home From Work Early - MCI Institute

Megan Hauptfleisch 13/09/2016

Q: How long is the ideal workweek?

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Are Meetings Helping Or Hurting You? - MCI Institute

Megan Hauptfleisch 08/09/2016

Meetings are supposed to help groups get things done, faster, but they’re taking over schedules, budget, and creative power. Decades of studies have shown that meetings are draining both time and money (Romano & Nunamaker, 2001).

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The Promising Future of Game-Based Learning

Megan Hauptfleisch 07/09/2016

Were you allowed to play video games when you were a kid? Did you have a parent who would bribe you with game time in exchange for a clean kitchen or folded laundry? Once considered strictly entertainment, videogames have found their place in the classroom.

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What It Means To Be A High Quality Vet Provider - MCI Institute

Megan Hauptfleisch 15/08/2016

At MCI we pride ourselves on being a high quality vocational education provider. Our wide variety of awards (25  in 9 years) is testament to that.  See our awards here

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