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How to Assist Employers in Meeting their Recruitment needs

Jenna Meyerson 02/06/2022

Hiring is a significant part of organizational processes and a constant in businesses of all sizes. New employees are routinely brought on board to fulfill a growing business's needs because it's time to start a new company or because the older workforce retires or leaves for greener pastures.

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Write a Cover Letter That Wins Interviews

Ligia Chelotti 10/07/2019

When applying for a position, a cover letter should almost always be added in addition to sending out a resume. The cover letter serves a few purposes. First, it helps you focus the attention of hiring managers so they can see exactly how you fit into a certain position and work environment. Second, it might be the only way they are able to judge your communication skills. Your writing skills are on display, and the way you logically tie ideas together is also on show.

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In essence, a cover letter is the same as a sales letter and you are the product or service someone is buying to help fit the needs of a company.

In this article, you will learn how to compose a cover letter that will land you job interviews.

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Tips You Need To Know For Telephonic Interview - MCI Institute

Ligia Chelotti 06/03/2019

Telephone interviews are often used by recruiters or internal human resources as a method to find the best candidates prior to in-person interviews. Here is what everything you need to know and succeed this fist step:

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Job Interview Tips: How to Make a Great Impression - MCI Institute

Megan Hauptfleisch 05/07/2016

Congratulations, you've got a job interview! That is, you found the job, you wrote the cover letter, you addressed the criteria, you made sure your resume was best practice, in a word doc and in a generic layout and font, you have the right experience in a similar business and you managed to get lucky enough to get an interview invite.

We have developed successful interview tips to make you more prepared and confident in your next job interviews.

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