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7 Simple Ways to Learn to Love the Job You Have

Posted by Jenna Baskin on 17/06/2021
Jenna Baskin
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7 Simple Ways To Learn To Love The Job You Have

Your life is a work in process, and each step you take has its own consequences. Just like you face ups and downs before you get what you desire in your personal life, your professional life is also full of surprises.

When you start a new job, you are incredibly interested in your work, find your workplace the perfect place to be, and the environment seems just impeccable. However, after a few months or maybe a year, it might start losing the charm.

If you have started to feel like happiness and success can't come hand in hand, you might have already started applying for other jobs. However, it's easy to blame the job, the office culture, and the management, but the most challenging part of the journey is to take the blame on yourself and see all the things from a different perspective.

Finding a new job might seem better than surviving the old one. But you can't possibly tell that the new job will be any easier.

Here is what you need to do to bring back the charm that you once found in your job when you started:

Think: Why you took this job in the first place

Uplift your mood and morale by reminding yourself of why you took this job in the first place. Go down the memory lane, think of the hardships you faced and the motive behind accepting this employment. Once you find it, think about the joy you felt on the first day of your job and the days that followed.

Reason: Find a reason to stay

7 Simple Ways To Learn To Love The Job You Have (3)You can achieve anything as long as you have the motivation to achieve your goals. Ask yourself:

  • - What you want out of this job?
  • - Where would this job take you in the future?
  • - What growth opportunities will it offer you?

You might have big goals, and this job might be your way forward, which is why you took this job in the first place and stuck to it for so long. If you are thinking twice about switching or leaving, there is something holding you back here. You need to make it your strength and use it to climb the corporate ladder with this job.

Practice Gratitude: Find pros and ignore the cons

It is hard to see positivity when you are caught up with negative thoughts. So make a list each for pros and cons of staying. This should offer you a clearer picture of the good side of your job. Consider it a colleague you enjoy working with or a handsome paycheck that ensures a roof on your head and helps you put bread on your table.

Once the list is ready, keep it in front of you or somewhere nearby. Use it to keep reminding yourself that there is some good in this job, and you need it to fulfil your needs until you find a better opportunity.

Talk to the management

If you are fed up with doing the same tasks repeatedly and don't find it interesting anymore, the most appropriate thing to do is talk to your boss. If you can't stop thinking about how to love your job again, then this will be your best shot.

7 Simple Ways To Learn To Love The Job You Have (2)Given that unhappy employees are never productive, your management will find a way out for you.

Speak to them about your lost interest and that you need a new opportunity for career growth and professional development. Show them that you value your job and are loyal to the company, prove your capabilities and potential to draw their attention to your agenda.

The management might consider the candid discussion and offer you a different role with new challenges. It might be a new project or an entirely new role, but before taking the chance, prepare yourself for all the odds, as you never know what life throws at you – good, bad, or worst!

Learn something new and challenging

If you face a hurdle, try to look for ways to cross all the limitations that halt your success. Invest in your education, learn new skills, participate in training programs and get the relevant professional certifications to vamp up your current role in the organization.

Another way to show your potential is by challenging yourself and participating in new projects. Also, take initiatives on projects to show your potential, and that you have the capability to deal with challenges.

If you still can't figure out how to get the job you desire, consider taking professional courses and diplomas offered by MCI. They help you develop a new set of skills, polish your existing skills, and groom you for the professional world. With these professional courses, you can achieve new heights in your career in no time.

Shake up your life to strike the balance

If you find yourself all frustrated and fed up, it might be because you are too caught up with work. You might not be finding time for yourself, or your work-life balance might be disturbed. To keep yourself interested in what you do, you need to strike the perfect balance between your personal life and work life.

Therefore, try to shake things up a bit, turn your routine upside down, limit your working hours to what you are paid for and find time for yourself, friends, and family.

Once you maintain the right balance, you will automatically see a change in your life. You will be mentally relaxed, so you will be able to put more effort into your work. This practice will ultimately change your perspective towards your job; you will find yourself enjoying the work only when you shake up your routine to find the right balance.

7 Simple Ways To Learn To Love The Job You Have (4)

Take a break from work

If you can't stop thinking about how to love your job again, it is time to take a break. The best way to figure out a solution for anything is a break from everything you might be doing at the time. This sudden break will help relax your mind, focus on more important things and help you prioritize the most important things in life.

Overworking, stressful projects, not enough "me time, "unpaid, and excessive working hours might make you think it's time to quit the job. You might get the grass is greener on the other side kind of feeling, but to the best of everyone's knowledge, the grass on the other side is not always greener.

Therefore, if you have had enough and can't decide what to do, a break will be the best solution to love your job once again.

Take time; think about your situation and what you can do about it. If not that, then this break will freshen up your mind and help you return to work, leaving the stress and unwanted clutter behind. Also, if you feel like a break will not be enough, then go on a vacation to spice things up a bit for yourself!


If you are tired of your job and can't think of a way out, you must follow these steps to achieve your dream job goals.

7 Simple Ways To Learn To Love The Job You Have (5)In the meantime, what you must realize is that playing the victim will not get you anywhere. Thus, stop playing the victim and take hold of the steering wheel. Drive your life the way you want and take all the turns that seem right; if not, some lefts are also worth a shot to find the desired destination!

Always remember that it's "YOU" who is responsible for your life. If you can't change your job, give it your best shot to make the most out of it.

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By Jenna Baskin

Jenna Baskin is the CEO of MCI and has over 11 years’ experience in the training and education space. She was responsible for the creation of the MCI's online consumer division, the MCI Institute, and the transition of the organisation into the digital learning landscape. This includes platform partnerships across North America, unique content development, and the introduction of virtual reality learning methodologies.