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Reasons To Choose MCI To Study Diploma of Business Online

Posted by Jenna Baskin on 26/05/2017
Jenna Baskin
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Pursuing further education in the form of an online business diploma provides you with a solid foundation.

Whether you want to upskill and advance in your field, or pursue a completely different path, pursuing further education in the form of a diploma of business online provides you with a solid foundation. And to make sure you’re setting yourself up for success, you need to choose an educational institution who’s up to the challenge.

If you’re looking for study diploma of business online that will successfully equip you to take that crucial next step in your career, here’s why you should consider the MCI Institute.


Our immersive learning system enables you to practice your newfound skills via our simulated business, WAMCo.

You’ll be able to put theory into practice with real-life scenarios, where you’ll learn by taking one crucial function, just as you would in the “real world”. By role playing various functions of a business, you’ll garner a greater understanding of each of the core functionalities of a successful business.


Our online business diplomas are designed to give you practical experience, thanks to gamification and hands-on experience using WAMCo.

Easy to understand and straightforward, our courses are intentionally designed to equip you with the practical skills that count. And after applying these skills via WAMCo, you’ll be prepared to apply them to the workplace as soon as you graduate.


With over 25 years in the industry, we’re well-versed in what employers look for in candidates.

Thanks to the corporate arm of the MCI Institute, which is responsible for training  some of the country’s leading corporations, we’re in tune with current corporate trends. This ensures our course content is aligned with today’s workplace, and as a result, that it can equip you to successfully tackle your next career challenge.


Our online business diplomas offer you the support that many other e-learning courses lack.

You’ll be in touch with a dedicated mentor, and be able to catch up with them on a regular basis. Think of them as your personal cheerleader, if you will, there to provide you with some extra motivation, tips and guidance – from the start of your course up until your graduation.


Our wellness counsellor is on hand to provide you with additional advice should you need it.

In addition to our career counsellor, you have access to a wellness counsellor who’s professionally trained to offer support and relevant resources that can help you to better deal with stress and anxiety, depression and a lack of motivation.

MCI Institute provides a holistic approach to learning online, giving you not only the skills and knowledge you need to get ahead, but the guidance and mentorship of our experienced staff. Find out more about how our online diplomas can provide you with a solid foundation for career success.

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By Jenna Baskin

Jenna Baskin is the CEO of MCI and has over 11 years’ experience in the training and education space. She was responsible for the creation of the MCI's online consumer division, the MCI Institute, and the transition of the organisation into the digital learning landscape. This includes platform partnerships across North America, unique content development, and the introduction of virtual reality learning methodologies.