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The Five Qualities That Define A Great Leader - MCI Institute

Posted by Ligia Chelotti on 21/03/2019

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Acknowledge that you’re a part of the team

While a leader is expected to serve as a role model, they’re also expected to work with everyone else involved. See yourself as an equal, as opposed to a superior to everyone else. It’s important to lead by example. Practising what you preach is the most effective way to garner respect.

Bear in mind that effective leadership requires some give and take

You and your employees are there to serve each other. Make an effort to gather feedback, and then take note of it. If your employees feel that they have a voice and are heard, they’re much more likely to be satisfied in the workplace. Employee satisfaction facilitates employee engagement and increased productivity, which in turn, makes your job easier.

Avoid micromanaging

The best leaders trust their employees. And with this trust, comes the ability to step away from a task and have faith that the person responsible will be able to handle it. Constant supervision only serves to undermine your employees, so give them the benefit of the doubt and trust in their capabilities.

Master time and resource management

Great leaders are able to plan for any eventuality. They know how much time to spend on each task or project, as well as the steps to take should something go awry. They avoid procrastination at all costs and spend their time wisely, working ‘smart’, not ‘hard’.

Continually advance their knowledge

Exceptional leaders constantly seek out new ways of doing things. They know that self-improvement and career advancement is up to them, which is why they enrol in further education, read voraciously and update their skill set regularly.

As the saying goes, great leaders are made, not born. MCI’s online courses will provide you with the tools you need to advance in your career and forge a path as a great leader. Download our ebook to learn more about how online learning can fast-track your road to success.

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By Ligia Chelotti