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InspireMinds: Swairee's Inspiring Journey with MCI Institute

Posted by Faizeh Hafda on 07/02/2024
Faizeh Hafda

Welcome to the InspireMinds Series, a showcase of the remarkable journeys and educational triumphs of our students. In this series, we take pride in highlighting the unique narratives that define their paths towards personal and professional growth.

Today, we are thrilled to introduce Swairee Rupasinghe, a 46-year-old mother of two, currently pursuing a Diploma in Project Management with MCI Institute. Her story unfolds as a testament to the transformative power of education, navigating through the intricacies of motherhood, career shifts, and international relocations. Join us as we delve into the inspiring chapters of Swairee's educational journey.

Swairee Rupasinghe PhotoEmpowering Change

In the bustling world of online education, where stories of personal and professional growth often take centre stage, Swairee Rupasinghe's journey with MCI Institute stands out as a beacon of inspiration. A 46-year-old mother of two, Swairee has gracefully navigated the complexities of motherhood, career transitions, and international relocation, all while pursuing a Diploma in Project Management with MCI.

A Diverse Background:

Originally hailing from Sri Lanka, Swairee left behind a successful career in the development sector, contributing her skills to various UN agencies, international development organisations, and NGOs across South and Southeast Asia. Armed with a BSc in Environmental Science with Development Studies (Sussex, UK) and a Masters in Environmental Science (Sri Lanka), Swairee made the bold decision to relocate to Australia with her partner to raise their two young daughters.

Choosing MCI Institute

Swairee's journey with MCI began as a quest for online courses that aligned with her professional aspirations and accommodated her busy schedule. After initially exploring courses related to environmental sciences, she found her way to MCI. The personal touch provided by the MCI Course Advisor, along with the real-life examples she shared about experiences studying for the Diploma in Project Management, convinced Swairee that MCI was the right choice for her.

The Value of Mentorship

One of the highlights of Swairee's MCI experience has been the invaluable mentorship she received. The regular catch-ups with mentors, their assistance in role plays, and constructive feedback after each module completion have played a pivotal role in Swairee's academic success. As a working mum, the flexibility of online study, coupled with dedicated mentor support, has proven essential in her educational journey.

Benefits and Impact

Swairee acknowledges that the course has not only equipped her with project management skills but has also provided insight into the Australian way of doing things. This knowledge has been particularly beneficial, given her background in the UK, Sri Lanka, and Southeast Asia. The discipline instilled by the course has positively impacted Swairee's life, offering a sense of calm and better control over her daily activities.

F2F (2)Future Aspirations

Looking ahead, Swairee envisions returning to her roots in community development and project management. Her current role as a Community Development Manager in a financial institution shares similarities with her past endeavours, but Swairee aspires to re-enter the development sector or join a nonprofit organisation. The Project Management qualification from MCI is seen as a strategic move to enhance her prospects in these areas.

Career Transformation

Already, the course has facilitated time management in Swairee's current role and streamlined various business processes. The skills acquired are contributing to the smooth functioning of her responsibilities, marking a positive shift in her career trajectory.

Online Study Joy

For Swairee, the joy of online study lies in the freedom to learn at her own pace. The flexibility to engage with coursework at 4:30 am, a time that suits her readiness to focus, has been a game-changer in her educational experience.

Recommendation for MCI

Wholeheartedly endorsing MCI and the online study format, Swairee has already recommended the institute to others. Her colleague is currently benefiting from MCI's approach to online learning, overcoming challenges faced in traditional institutions.

In the tapestry of student stories, Swairee Rupasinghe's narrative stands as a testament to resilience, adaptability, and the transformative power of education. Her journey with MCI Institute exemplifies the possibilities that unfold when passion meets purpose, and learning becomes a lifelong adventure.

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By Faizeh Hafda

Faizeh Hafda is the Team leader, working in MCI 9 years. She has a Bachelor in Social Science Counselling, Diploma in Business Admin and Diploma in Leadership and Management. She supports students and the team.