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InspireMinds Spotlight: Chantal Jago's Experience with MCI Institute

Posted by Mila Hobbs on 10/04/2024
Mila Hobbs

Welcome to InspireMinds, where stories of resilience, determination, and personal growth take centre stage.

This month, InspireMinds Spotlight shines brightly on Chantal Jago, a dedicated learner embarking on a transformative journey with MCI Institute. Join us as we delve into Chantal's experience, exploring her motivations, challenges, and triumphs along the way.

Navigating the World of Project Management with MCI Institute

In the dynamic world of project management, where every minute detail counts towards the success of a venture, Chantal emerges as a shining example of dedication and adaptability. Currently pursuing her studies in project management with MCI Institute, Chantal brings a wealth of experience from her diverse professional background.

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Having traversed through roles in personal assistance, executive assistance, and the hospitality industry, Chantal always exhibited a knack for effective time management and task organisation. Drawing from her rich reservoir of skills, she found herself naturally gravitating towards project management. "It's about scheduling and organising, which I've been doing for years, albeit not in a formal project management role," she remarks.

The decision to enrol with MCI Institute was fuelled by their proactive engagement right from the onset. Reflecting on her experience, Chantal expresses profound appreciation for her mentor, whose unwavering support has been instrumental in her journey. "I love my mentor, Mila. She's incredibly supportive," Chantal shares with a hint of gratitude in her voice.

For Chantal, the flexibility offered by online learning is invaluable. Balancing a full-time job alongside studies necessitated a mode of learning that could seamlessly integrate with her busy schedule. "To be able to study in my own time is hard but necessary," she admits. And indeed, her commitment to her studies has already borne fruit, as she recently transitioned into a new role within her company, overseeing multiple builds from an in-house perspective.

However, the journey hasn't been without its challenges. Sacrificing weekends for study sessions has meant less time with her family. Yet, fuelled by her determination, Chantal remains focused on the ultimate goal—a diploma that promises exciting career prospects.

Looking ahead, Chantal harbours aspirations of delving deeper into project management, particularly within the realms of construction or IT industries. Her newfound skills and qualifications are paving the way for a fulfilling career trajectory.

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Central to Chantal's success story is the invaluable role of online education. While acknowledging the solitude that accompanies virtual learning, she emphasises its suitability for individuals juggling multiple commitments. "It's a lonely way to study, but it fits into my life," she reflects.

In conclusion, when asked whether she would recommend MCI Institute and online study to others, Chantal's response is resounding. "Definitely," she asserts. For individuals unable to attend traditional classes, the flexibility and accessibility of online education offered by institutions like MCI Institute present a gateway to realising their professional aspirations.

As Chantal's journey exemplifies, with dedication, support, and the right educational platform, the possibilities for personal and professional growth are limitless.

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By Mila Hobbs

Mila Hobbs is a student mentor, working in MCI 3 year and 6 months. She has a Bachelor Degree in Pscyhology. Courses mentoring: Certificate IV Work Health and Safety, Diploma of Work Health and Safety, Certificate III Business Admin, Diploma of Project Management and Certificate II in Workplace Skills.