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InspireMinds: Amnah Taiba's Educational Journey

Posted by Faizeh Hafda on 16/01/2024
Faizeh Hafda

Welcome to the InspireMinds Series, a collection of our proudest moments, where we showcase the personal and educational triumphs of our students. 

Today, we have the pleasure of introducing you to Amnah Taiba, a student with a passion for the medical field, currently studying with MCI Institute. Her story is a simple yet inspiring tale of how education can shape lives and open doors to new possibilities. 

F2FAmnah Taiba's InspireMinds Story

Amnah is on her way to earning a Certificate III in Business (Medical Administration) at MCI. What drew her to this course was her genuine love for the medical field. The practical side of her studies, especially the role play assessments, is what she finds most valuable. It's hands-on learning that not only boosts her knowledge but also preps her for the real world. 

For Amnah, the course goes beyond textbooks. It's about gaining more than just knowledge; it's about acquiring patience and skills that extend to helping her family. The impact goes beyond the academic, creating a positive ripple effect in her personal life. 

Completing her studies isn't just a personal goal for Amnah; it's about making her parents proud. It's a sentiment many students share – the desire to give back to those who have supported them along the way. 

Amnah's journey is marked by the support she received from her mentor at MCI Institute. The mentorship was a game-changer, providing the help and patience she needed through tough times. Amnah is genuinely thankful for this, acknowledging it as the best part of her educational experience. 

F2F (1)Why does Amnah enjoy online study? It's simple – it gives her the flexibility to spend time with her family. The self-paced structure brings her joy, creating a balance between studies and personal life that she couldn't be happier with. 

Would she recommend MCI and online study to others? Amnah's answer is a resounding "yes" with no regrets. Her story is a testament to the fact that education can be enjoyable and fulfilling, especially when it fits seamlessly into your life. 

In the grand scheme of student stories, Amnah Taiba's tale is one of simplicity, passion, and the positive impact of education. It reminds us that sometimes, the most inspiring stories are the ones that unfold in the everyday pursuit of knowledge. 

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By Faizeh Hafda

Faizeh Hafda is the Team leader, working in MCI 9 years. She has a Bachelor in Social Science Counselling, Diploma in Business Admin and Diploma in Leadership and Management. She supports students and the team.