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Course Withdrawal and Suspension

We are sorry to see you go!

If you’ve decided to withdraw entirely from your current studies, you will need to discontinue your course. This ends your current enrolment and removes you from your course.  

Before you discontinue 

1) Get some advice

It’s a big decision to leave your course, so we recommend you seek academic advice first to help understand what this change will mean for you. Contact our mentors for advice: or call on 02 8292 0932.

If you feel that you have special circumstances regarding your withdrawal, and wish for these to be considered, please complete the Special Circumstances Application, and attach any relevant documentation to the form.

2) Understand the financial and academic implications

Please note: if you have passed the cooling off period for your course (14 calendar days), you are still required to pay the full cost of your qualification, if applicable.

Make sure you’re aware of the fees, charges and refund policy that applies to your course. If you are not sure, please email us or call us on 1300 658 388, so we can help you. 


3) Consider suspending your studies as an alternative

If you’re unsure about your decision you may choose to apply to suspend your studies while you work out the best way forward. We can only suspend your enrolment up to 6 months in total, and no more than 2 suspensions per qualification.
Please note that if you are either fully or partially subsidised by the NSW Department of Education, MCI requires you to be meeting the requirements of our Progression and Withdrawal Policy and Procedure. If not, we cannot process your suspension until you submit 1 full unit of competency.
If you are a recipient of Skilling for Recovery funding the NSW Department of Education has stated that a student cannot defer training unless all the following circumstances are met:

• The request to defer training is supported by a medical certificate which explains why the student’s medical condition prohibits the student from continuing with the training; and
• The request is for a deferral period of no more than six months; and
• The student has commenced training prior to seeking the deferral, a student cannot enrol and immediately defer


Suspend your qualification

Withdraw from your qualification