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Course Change

Change request

If you wish to change you course, please fill in the form on the right.


Fee information

Course changes, regardless how your course is funded is $200.

You may also be charged more/less depending on the cost of the course you are moving from and the one you are moving to.


Smart and Skilled information

Sometimes, if you are fully subsidised through Smart and Skilled, you may not be eligible for that same subsidy level in the new course. Our Administration staff will let you know if there is any change in your course fee, the funding you are eligible for, and any other costs etc that may apply.

If you are a Smart and Skilled student, progression requirements still apply.

When you move course, your course timeframe still stays the same.

Example: your current course end date is 31/12/2022. This means that your new course end date will still be 31/12/2022. If you require more time to complete your course, you will be subject to MCIs extension fees:

1 month = $250
3 months = $500
6 months = $750
12 months = $1000