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Diploma Of Project Management - MCI Institute

Posted by Jenna Baskin on 15/06/2016
Jenna Baskin
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Get the skills and qualifications to be a sharp and accomplished project manager. This course takes care to separate out each facet of a project and the critical systems involved with their integration. You will learn to manage stakeholder engagement, a skill that will further develop your effectiveness as a communicator. This diploma will also show you the importance of managing personal priorities and development.

Looking for a solid foundation to help you supervise the different stages of a project? As a project manager, you are tasked with overseeing the life cycle of a project, making sure that plans are being followed, and providing guidance to your team mates. Maximise the success and productivity of your organisation by learning about managing costs, risks, procurements and more.

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By Jenna Baskin

Jenna Baskin is the CEO of MCI and has over 11 years’ experience in the training and education space. She was responsible for the creation of the MCI's online consumer division, the MCI Institute, and the transition of the organisation into the digital learning landscape. This includes platform partnerships across North America, unique content development, and the introduction of virtual reality learning methodologies.